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What is SEO best practice? Can it give you top Google ranking?


These two questions represent the most frequent queries raised by internet marketers who want to be successful online and who have searched for guidance. They have heard about search engine optimisation and have some idea about it being required for their web pages. But other than a vague recognition that it is somehow important they are baffled by it.

It's not just new online marketers who struggle with this process. It also perplexes many who have years of experience with things like keyword research, market analysis, copy writing and so much more that internet marketing encompasses.


SEO is an important internet marketing process that makes the difference between success and failure. So, yes, it is important.

Take a look online at what is available and you will find a lot of over hyped offers promising great riches from simply plugging in to the most recent SEO discovery. They tell you how easy it is and even suggest they are giving a guarantee of money pouring into your bank account with only three hours work per week.

It all reminds me of a book I was given some years ago titled "Brain Surgery In Easy Steps For Beginners". In fact it was a cartoon book and those over hyped online offers are in the same category.

Search engine optimisation is a suisse serious business

Online marketing is a serious business too just as any business enterprise is. Would you attempt brain surgery without years of training and study? In just the same way would you put your hard earned money into a new offline business in whatever sector without studying the market, the skills required and the tools needed?

No? Then why do so many people believe they can start an online business in a sector they know nothing about and for which they have no previous experience? Probably it comes from the over hyped promises of easy Google profit.

That's where internet marketing gets serious. You do need information, guidance and training in all areas from picking your niche to writing your sales copy. Not least of your requirements is an understanding of search engine optimisation. Without it your websites will fail. That's just a hard fact of online marketing.

So then, you actually do need to study SEO best practices. A lot of what is offered online does not follow Google's SEO best practices and, as Google is the major search engine, it is important to know what they want from you.

There's no short cut to success


SEO is a big subject and anybody trying to sell short cuts is misleading you. It has to be built into your web pages from the bottom up. There are basic things that will make immediate improvements to your website but after that you need to progress to the more complex areas.

Amongst the masses of misinformation you will find online there are some very good sites. The difficulty is finding them but to help you to avoid wasting both time and money you should avoid the over hyped offers. Good programs do not need such sales methods. They sell themselves by a straight description of what they do.

One very good way to explore what is available online is to look for websites that describe other people's experience with products they have bought and used. This is especially good when the website is written by an experienced marketer who has a reputation for good, honest reviews of products.

Over time some online products start to gain their own reputation and in the subject of search engine optimisation the most respected training program is Dominating Google by Mark Dulisse. Right now he is giving away free copies of his WordPress plugin SEO Power. If you are serious about making money online the least you should do is take a look at this free tool. It won't cost you anything and you might find it helps to build good SEO on your web pages just as thousands of other internet marketers already have.

To get top Google ranking takes some work input from you. Do the work and you will understand the things that cause so many online marketers to fail. You will not make the same mistakes because you will be using Google's SEO best practices.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Attracting high caliber, high value leads from Google

SEO is a very powerful strategy, and if you do it right, you can automate your business, and your business keeps running pretty much on its own, even when you are on a vacation or when you are sleeping at night. Okay, let's get started.

SEO is a traffic strategy to achieve higher search rankings on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc. As you know, people search for what they want on Google, and Google returns the results for their search criteria. Google shows the search results according to some rules and regulations they have, and the keywords specified. If you know about their rules, and how to use them to your advantage, you can have your landing page shown on top of the search results. Once you do this, people searching for a business opportunity that matches yours according to their keywords and Google's rules, they will get to know about you, and your business, and if they decide that it is beneficial to them, they will join your business.

Some of the benefits of SEO are:

When you search for something on Google, you get a screen that has two major parts to it:

Researchers have studied human eye attention area on a computer screen, and they have found that the upper left hand side corner of the screen is the area that gets the most attention when somebody looks at a computer screen, and that is the free service that Google offers- SEO. Since people might misuse this free service if they knew about Google's algorithm of showing web search results, even Google employees do not know how the search engine exactly works. But there are a few points that if you know them, you can have your page/blog/website shown on the first page over time.

Let's go through some of the characteristics of PPC, and SEO, and compare them to each other. Here are some of the characteristics of PPC:

And here are some of the characteristics of SEO:

There are three parts to SEO that if you learn them, and do them diligently and consistently, you will get the results in a short amount of time relatively depending upon how you apply them, and how consistent you are. They are as follows:

There are different levels of SEO:

If you use SEO to promote your business, you should keep the following points in mind:

When you write content, keep the following points in mind:

In regards to generating leads, the following points may help you:

What we have covered so far was the mindset behind SEO. Now we are going to cover some technical aspects of SEO:

The content that you use in your blog, and the way you organize it, are very important in your page ranking with regards to Google. The following points are of great importance:

On organizing your blog, it is important to know that when you organize your blog properly, it is much easier for Google, as well as your readers to find the information they are looking for. Think of your whole blog/web site as a compartment you use to keep the different folders containing your bills. You would not mix your bills all together, or put a mortgage bill in the category that was related to your "electric bills" You want to have categories, and then sub-categories, that would break the information to digestible pieces, so people can find their way easily through your blog. Also if you do that, it is easier for Google to decide what your blog is all about, and rank it accordingly.

On linking to your blog/web site, pay attention to the following:

I hope you have found something of value in this article. Thank you for your attention.